Japan: World’s Most Reliable Cars, Audi and BMW among Worst

Japan: World's Most Reliable Cars, Audi and BMW among Worst

We all have done it. Participated in a never ending debate about which car is better. Honestly, It depends on personal choice. Whether you like cars from Japan, the miracle engineering of car design from the German Manufacturers, The safe serving Volvo or the old fashioned American cars.

But, No one can beat Japan when it comes to reliability.

What is reliability? Let's just say that it will give you the longest maximum performance without breaking down.

Even if something goes wrong, it has the lowest maintenance cost across the car industry. A popular survey suggests that 7 out 10 most reliable car manufacturers are from Japan. It doesn't seem like a coincidence.  The same survey suggests that BMW and Audi are among the worst cars when it comes to reliability.

reliable cars


If you are like me then it seems like impossible to believe but there is a 100-year-old story behind it. And it starts from the heart of America. About 105 years ago, Henry Ford (Founder of Ford) started the Assembly Line. What did it do? It took the Car-Making process from 12 hours to 2.5 hours only!

Imagine, 1913. A car is being produced in just 2.5 hours.

henry ford

Before this day, Car was a luxury. It was bought by rich people and made by expert craftsmen. Henry Ford changed this and started producing cars in mass quantity for general public.

Japan? Well Japan didn't start producing vehicles up until 1937. You see Japan started out in 1937 around the same time as the world war II had started. It was a tough time.  On, One hand Suzuki, Honda and Toyota were expanding on the other hand the Japanese Empire was focused on fighting the war.

On an unfaithful day, 6 of August 1945 the atom bomb was dropped on Japan. It was back to shambles and it's economy almost done for. Japan's industries suffered and it was difficult for them to sustain.

nuclear bomb

Japan could not follow the same model as Henry Ford did through mass production. Their economy was fragile and they had to be careful. So they did what they could; They revolutionized how production worked and sent productivity through heights. The Japanese introduced "Lean Manufacturing" and "Just In time" methodologies that sky-rocketed their efficiency. Through these methods they eliminated the "fat" from production.


It states that even if the items are being delivered before its immediate use, it considered a waste. They improved the labor, the inventory, the process and the machines! Terms like Genchi Gebutsu that stated to find the root cause of a problem by taking out the original source made then refine their manufacturing process even more.

japan industrial revolution

By the end of these changes, The Japanese produced cheap cars that were more efficient than any car in the entire world. Japan had revolutionized manufacturing as it went from a World War two ruin to the second largest economy in the world by 1990.

Toyota created The Toyota Way based on lean manufacturing and came the largest car manufacturer in the world. Toyota Corolla has sold 44.1 million units to become the most sold car in history!

japan's cars

So if reliability is what you seek then Japan is your perfect match made in heaven.


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