Which Car is considered the best Family Car? We Conducted a Research and the Results are very Interesting

Which Car is considered the best Family Car? We Conducted a Research and the Results are very Interesting

We love Cars! And the Car Manufacturers know that. So they bless us with so much variety that it becomes hard for us to decide!

If I ask you which one would you prefer, Nissan GT-R or Mazda 3? You will scream GT-R at the top of your lungs without thinking much.

How do I know that? Well, of course, it’s a sports car!

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But there is one little problem.

We have a family.

Now I am not saying your family is a problem (I really hope it’s not) but the problem is your family won't fit inside a two-door Nissan GT-R. In fact, in any sports car.

While we are growing up, we have ambitions to buy the latest beast the wonderful car industry has to offer, who cares about reliability? that's boring. But, gradually we realize that when we reach that stage, we would probably have a wife and a couple of children.

Due to this, unless you're a millionaire, all of us car enthusiasts have to give up on our dreams of living the lifestyle of a sports car driver.


If you are still focusing on that sports car dream of yours, this article is not for you.

But if you are ready to move on: We discovered something amazing!

A few days ago, we started doing research on what people look for in a family car. We approached people who were already married and had a family.

At first we got a few laughs, bad memories and a smile. When people actually started talking about what they considered the most important quality in a family car, we got a few interesting results.


The following were few of the responses we got,

“It has to be safe”.

“I think safety is the most important for my family”.

“It should focus on comfort rather than style”.

“My kids are too hyper, I need space”.

“Of course Safety”.

“I need a huge space where I can put my groceries, my baby’s crawler and my constantly moving 9-year-old son”.

We noticed the similar pattern in all of the responses.

Safety was the most important feature that both parents were concerned about.

The second most popular feature was a bigger space.

The third biggest factor was comfort.

After analyzing this pattern over and over again, I reached a shocking but obvious conclusion. All three of these features were an analogy to an actual home.


Think about it, a home is safe and it is a space for the family to live together a comfortable life! They just need the similar feeling in an extremely compact car.

After this realization, I started looking at family cars a little bit differently. One by one I started applying this new found perspective to different cars.

A lot of cars fit the description that could be great potential family cars. Safety, Space and Comfort were my primary fundamentals in my search.

In the middle of the search, I stumbled upon one car that I referred to as “The King of all Family Cars” immediately in excitement.

It was The Nissan X-Trail 2017! ( Watch its YouTube Video!)


Read the official brochure 
Nissan X-trail

The following are some of the features that come under the “home” criteria


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It has an intelligent key system that requires the key in the range of the car instead of locks that can be broken down.

A 360-Camera all around the car for extended vision that assists in safer driving.

An Automatic Emergency Brake that is turned on automatically when it detects the car is about to crash so you can always be 100% safe.

Highly Functioning Side Airbags for ensuring smooth safe-zone.

Raised Ground Clearances so the car does not hit a rocky path.

And of course powerful disc brakes.


kid imagine

It is an extremely spacious SUV-Crossover that can be classified as a 7-Seater if you have children

It has a secret storage compartment in the back to hide things from your kids as well as huge space in the back.

The back seats can easily be folded to make it an ultimate storage space when its times for groceries.

It has an 80 degree door opening in order to give more space and of course for children to get in and out.


comfortable bed

It has in-built heating system on the steering wheel and the seats for you and your kids to stay warm all the time.

It even has heating system in their cup-holders so you can pick your children up after school while keeping your coffee hot.

Its leather-wrapped steering wheels and seat covers will give you the ultimate seating comfort.

It has a backseat Air condition!

It even has a large central storage space for you to keep laptops, phones and iPads with a 12 volt socket.

And it also has a Privacy Glass!

A little bit insignificant but extreme important: It has power tail gates so you can easily carry stuff outside your car without the annoyed shutting of the fifth door.

I can go on and on about this car and trust me, all of it would still amaze you.

But I will save your time and tell you a BETTER NEWS,

In the search for the greatest family car, our procurement department not only found an amazing slightly used Nissan X-trail 2017,

family car

The Sales department is giving it away in a spectacular price that even I couldn’t believe.

How to get it? Just follow this link or message us in the chat option given below, Mention this article and grab the biggest family investment you will ever make!

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